• When it comes to technical excellence, our reputation is an essential issue. For Nubaria Gas, innovative technology is a way of life – driven by talented engineers and technicians who help us keep our position at the forefront of the industry.
  • The project includes 43km steel pipelines, 24 inch in diameter from the national Grid to the pressure reducing stations of which Nubaria Gas is responsible for the operation at a capacity reaching 480,000 SCM /hr. Due to the massive level of operation, Nubaria Gas strictly adheres to the highest standards of efficiency to guarantee uninterruptable natural gas feeding to West Nubaria’s Power Plant
  • Nubaria Gas operates PRS and steel pipelines using SCADA system which allows full control of every part on the process.
  • With project duration planned for 18 months of construction work for the PRS and the pipelines, Nubaria Gas successfully accomplished the project goals in January 2005 ahead of schedule. The first gas turbine was commissioned in April 2005.
  • Given the outstanding level of performance, Nubaria Gas was awarded another contract for the upgrade of the power station pressure reduction station to 10.2 MM3 N.G per day to accommodate the supply of the additional gas turbine module with a capacity of 750 MW.
  • Nubaria Gas operates a 24/7 emergency center to deal with any crisis or urgent situations.
  • Patrolling teams constantly on the look to assure the pipeline security against third party intervention.
  • Nubaria Gas offers operation facilities for sisters companies.
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