• Maintenance of our PRMS as well as the pipeline will contribute to a safe and reliable working environment for all staff and contractors. The equipment and systems we rely on here at Nubaria Gas play a vital role in ensuring that our operations run smoothly and up to the required standards.
  • We meet our technical challenges by performing quality preventive and corrective maintenance work safely, such as updating engineering drawings, identifying unreliable equipment and performing the necessary interventions, as well as troubleshooting mechanical or electrical equipment.
  • Nubaria Gas offers maintenance and calibration facilities to sisters companies.
  • Maintenance activities on Nubaria Gas are divided into:-
  1. Maintenance of pressure reduction station
Maintenance of pressure reduction station includes the maintenance of the following:-
  • Valves and lubrication.
  • Filters and separators.
  • Water bath gas heater.
  • Reduction line.
  • Calibration of instruments.
  • Painting.
  • Earthing system.
  1. Maintenance of 24-inch steel pipeline
Maintenance of 24 inch steel pipeline includes the followings:-
  • Maintenance and lubrication of valves and its gear boxes.
  • Cathodic protection system (Impressed current).
  • Painting maintenance.
  • SCADA system.
  • Maintenance of marker posts.
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