Corporate Governance

Nubaria Gas Company recognize corporate governance as a very important part of our management system and approach.

Corporate Governance in modern corporations clearly distinguishes between the owners and the directors of the company by stressing on the following principles:

1- Transparency and disclosure
Nubaria gas has an internal audit department revising every financial process and reporting it to the management which in turn revises the reports and conducts its own audit on the company’s financial process, finally issuing an annual report to disclose all material related to the corporation in terms of performance, operations, and finances and supports all information by a prestigious external audit firm report (one of the biggest four audit firms).
Nubaria Gas’ corporate governance processes allow every shareholder access to corporate material and information within a suitable time prior to the annual meeting providing an equitable treatment to all shareholders.
2- Corporate social responsibilities and sustainability
Nubaria Gas is a holder of several certificates such as ISO 9001 for quality, OHSAS 18001 for safety and ISO 14001 for environment which indicates solid practices across these fields .Nubaria Gas keenly engages in several activates with society especially with the landlords in which pipelines are located to give a good indication that the board is steering the company towards an active cooperation with the stakeholders for the sustainability of the company.

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