Chairman's Message

Today, in 2012, and ever since the economic crises in 2008, all the way to the current political instability in Egypt and the Arab world, I must say, proudly and confidently, that our company and business model are more capable of reacting to a rapidly changing economic and political environment. Despite all surrounding challenges, Nubaria Gas Company remains focused on achieving its long-term strategic targets and objectives.

As a leader in the industry, it is our duty to provide premier natural gas services while having a positive impact on customers, employees and shareholders. That is why we continue to focus on providing safe, reliable and economical services.

Our employees have been good stewards of the company’s assets and the communities and customers we serve. We are blessed with uniquely talented and dedicated staff. I believe this will lead our company to even greater success and a brighter future for Nubaria Gas Company.

Moving forward, and as we look ahead to the forthcoming years, we renew our pledge to remain committed to excellence, keeping abreast of changes and innovations, adopting better operation and maintenance techniques and successfully overcoming any challenges before us.

Mohamed R. Shoukry
CEO, Nubaria Gas Company
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