Nubaria Co.

Established in 2003, Nubaria Gas Company specializes in the construction and operation of pressure reduction stations and steel pipelines. In addition to great value gas supplies, Nubaria Gas provides multi-utility network installation and maintenance.
As a supplier of natural gas and a trusted energy provider, Nubaria Gas serves one of the largest power stations in Egypt and the Middle East with total power output of 2225 MW, representing about 11 % of the total power produced by gas in Egypt and more than the electrical power produced from the high dam. 

The operation and maintenance of such a huge pressure reduction station and high pressure pipeline is carefully and skillfully performed by Nubaria Gas experts who continuously seek new maintenance techniques in order to achieve the highest safety standards, reliability and operability possible.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of NatGas, Nubaria draws on the strength of its parent company –a leader in natural gas with one of the longest track records of earnings growth in the industry.
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